Corporate Narrative

WTF Part 3: The Corporate Narrative, the Business Model and Financial Stability

In part 1 of this five part series I plotted out what I’m calling the Seven Part Corporate Narrative –

Seven Part Corporate Narrative


I think this is the year of the Business Model. But it’s little brother Financial Stability is often over looked.

If there is no financial stability, you can say all you want about your business model but it will be baseless without clear financial reasoning that indicates stability (that is if it exists).

Financial stability is a funny one. What are the foundations of financial stability? It goes back to how you create value – how predictable and repeatable is it? What does the company do to keep on creating and preserve value – how does it manage debt? How does the company manage its risk?

All this questions are important and should answered clearly and succinctly.

Moving to the business model
One this is settled you can move on to talking about the business model.

Now this could be a real opportunity to show what makes you different, but it seems people are happy to rely on a circular diagram of some kind. It’s normally a circle or a flow chart. I think my problem is these diagrams are totally abstract, they appear theoretical so lack any kind of credibility.

Why not spend time thinking about how you make value in a way others don’t. Then use data to visualise and animate the flow of value – hover over the business either spacially, interactively or personally to make it clear where the dots join up.


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