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Shocking: what brands can learn from the Baroque

Is your brand baroque enoughI have a guilty secret to share. It’s the kind of secret my wife knows about, but doesn’t care to mention. In the Butler household as soon as a secret publicly acknowledged (even between the two of us) the secret is out and becomes ‘news’. News loses its currency with time, so she’s basically self-embargoing – biding her time – for the most opportune moment for release. So, I’m just going to come out with it: … … I WATCH LATE NIGHT ARTS PROGRAMMES. Pretentious Moi? Noo-sir-ie.

The most recent guilty pleasure was on the Baroque. At Art College my Bauhaus mind rejected the Baroque as nothing more than pointless window dressing, piffle, mere decoration for decoration’s sake. But this was a great series charting Baroque’s Italian beginnings through 16th and 17th Century Europe and finishing up with St Pauls Cathedral in London, and it made me rethink my view.

I had to watch the whole series for the clincher – the pearl of insight the Baroque has handed us down through the ages. And it was this: you have to grab people by the scruff of their neck before you can tell them anything. This is something we now utterly take for granted and therefore often forget.

So, step back and take a long hard look at your brand and ask yourself: is my brand being uniquely boring or grabbing attention?


Image credit via creative commons to susanneanette


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