It’s time to mobilise your brand

Yes, it’s a rallying cry. And here’s a quick rundown of why mobile phones are so important for marketers and some potential implications for brands.

Computing itself is shifting from the table and lap to the hand. The oft’referenced Morgan Stanley research points out that next year more units of SMART phones will be shipped around the world than the traditional PC.

SMART phone owners use their phones for a wide variety of reasons. A recent study by KPMG shows us that the top five activities are texting, taking and sending photos, surfing the internet, checking emails and accessing social networks.

Mass adoption is a reality too – SMART phones are becoming part of everyday life in the UK. Kantar research indicates that SMART phones will account for 50% of the UK mobile usage by this time next year.

What does this mean for brands?

It appears the humble mobile telephone is fast becoming an extension of the self. Life is turning into a project that can be monitored, adjusted and enhanced in realtime. But I think the key question here is what do people actually need, or expect, from these new devices?

To try to answer this question I’ve mapped out my thinking on this – see below (this has been influenced by others, take a look at slide 36 of this deck for instance).


Brands will have to make an adjustment.  If life is to be a realtime project, where the journey not the destination, is all important then brands will need to move from lifestyle choices (the destination), to ‘lifesubstance’ choices (the journey). Google are getting there with the Google+ Project – it implies that with your help the project can only get better; you become a part of it’s on-going success. It’s the formula for a new form of brand loyalty – you don’t simply live the dream, you create it too.  And people, especially young people (H/T EURO RSCG), think it is important to find brands they can be loyal to.

This is such an evolving space – please add your thoughts on this below. How do you think brands can utilise mobiles?


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