Brand Debate

Elements & Growth for a Brand: A Conceptual Framework

Here I share a two thoughts I’ve picked up recently.  I plan to expand on these over the coming months.

Brands and Growth Phases

First, this quote intrigued me:

It should be noted that theoretical ecologists consider 4 phases of growth, of which physical structure is merely the first followed by network formation, information capture, and network aggradation. But I digress.

This was in the comments section of a post by Umair Haque, on Harvard Business Review.

Elements of a Brand

These six aspects of ‘self’, as described by MIT’s Introduction to Psychology by Jeremy Wolfe caught my eye. Basically the aspects within the brain that function together to create  a ‘sense of self’.

  1. Representation: being able to assign traits to yourself.
  2. Agency: ‘Owning’ your own actions
  3. Ownership: the deep connect between yourself and your body
  4. Evaluation: being able to evaluate new things – projecting your tastes/traits outside of your current experience, like for example answering ‘do I like this new fruit?’
  5. Monitoring: how’s it going? Am I still awake? this could be seen as a subsection of evaluation, but to me this is more within your experience.
  6. Integration into Single self, not a committee: there are loads of seperate processes going on in the brian, this aspect pulls all of that into one experience for the person.

For me together these two tidbits provide the essentials for how a brand should function (the mechanics of a brand or brand management) and how it should grow. I’ll explain why later.

What do you think? Interesting/relevant? What are your thoughts?


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